Trapper Creek

Retreat, relax, and recreate

In a grove of old-growth pines, cedars, and firs,

still surrounded by winter snow,

a cozy, off-grid cabin awaits.

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Escape into the wild, woodsy Trapper Creek Wilderness for an unforgettable getaway with
wholesome, artisan, plant-based food,
snowshoe treks through old-growth forests to wintry waterfalls,
daily yoga sessions in a cozy cabin,
friendship with fun, free-spirited females,
and opportunities for solitude, quietude, and connection with nature.

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Enjoy a weekend of creative, satisfying meals + snacks

Satisfy your hiker hunger with delicious, plant-based meals and snacks. Every ingredient is selected by your host and guide for freshness and flavor, then prepared with love in the cabin’s kitchen. Take recipes home with you at the end of the getaway to recreate your favorites.

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Get away from it all

Pack all your gear in your backpack, and get ready to rough it at this historic cabin, where amenities are sparse and wilderness prevails. Hike 1/2 mile through the snow (with snowshoes, of course) to reach your rustic, off-grid destination—a cozy cabin with bunk beds, a full kitchen, and a fireplace—then spend the next 2 days tucked away in a snowy old-growth forest.

March 10th-12th

Carson, Washington

Your getaway includes:

  • accommodations in a cozy, rustic cabin with a full kitchen and a fireplace

  • wholesome, plant-based meals + snacks (wheat-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free)

  • 4 yoga classes/guided meditations led by your host and guide (Sunday evening, Monday morning, Monday evening, Tuesday morning)

  • guided hikes and snowshoe treks to tumbling winter waterfalls

  • plenty of time for relaxing, napping, journaling, etc. in the cabin

  • detailed packing list and pre-retreat Q&A

March 10th - 12th

Carson, Washington

Retreat Schedule


1:30pm: Arrive at Sno-Park, meet and greet, orientation
2:00pm: Snowshoe to cabin (1/2 mile)
3:00pm: Snack, relax, explore cabin
6:00pm: Dinner
7:30pm: Restorative yoga + meditation


7:30am: Rise & shine yoga + meditation
8:30am: Breakfast
10:00am: Snowshoe hike in Trapper Creek Wilderness (5-6 miles)
12:00/1:00pm: Lunch (eat on trail)
3:00pm: Return from hike, snack, relax, nap, read, journal, etc.
6:00pm: Dinner
7:30pm: Yin yoga + meditation


7:30am: Rise & shine yoga + meditation
8:30am: Breakfast
10:00am: Pack up stuff, tidy cabin
11:00am: Snowshoe back to Sno-Park (1/2 mile)
12:00: Optional day hike in Columbia River Gorge (2-3 miles)
12:30/1:00pm: Lunch (eat on trail)
2:00pm: Return from day hike, say goodbyes