Simply Backpacking

Simply Backpacking

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Not interested in any food coaching, just want to attend an Eat Hike Love Women’s Wilderness Retreat? Ok! Here’s the perfect thing—the Simply Backpacking package.

Here’s what’s up. You can’t just buy a ticket for a retreat—they’re free, invite-only events for Eat Hike Love coaching clients—but I’d love to meet you and spend a weekend in the woods with you, so I put together a simple, no-coaching-required package for you.

Since I am a coach, and since I consider it my responsibility to share the wisdom I’ve gained over the years, I’m still going to offer you some take-it-or-leave-it coaching to empower you in the wilderness. You don’t have to watch any of the videos or read any of the materials I send your way…but I do have to send them! And really, the coaching is what you’re paying for, so I hope it’s helpful!

What’s included in your Simply Backpacking package:

  • Two full days of delicious, wholesome, and nourishing backpacking food (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, 6 snacks, plus coffee/tea and hot chocolate)

    • Prepared with love in the Eat Hike Love kitchen and packaged in odor-proof, ultralight bags

    • Wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and 100% plant-based

      • most additional food requests can be accommodated with 30+ days' notice

  • Detailed recipes to re-create your favorite items and become a badass backpacking chef!

  • Unlimited personalized logistical support, coaching, and consulting re: backpacking — I love answering your questions and will share everything I know with you to turn you into a backcountry expert

(payment plans available)

Retreats are sold out for the remainder of summer 2019, but stay tuned for future retreat dates! Sign up for the Eat Hike Love mailing list to be the first to know!

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