Food Coaching

Eat what you love, love what you eat

Finally…a refreshing approach to nutrition and fitness so you can
feel good about food and your body

Eat Hike Love

Coaching Principles

Eat What You Want

Yes, you read that right. Eat what you want. One more time. Eat whatever you want! By learning to listen to your body's messages, you can easily determine what you're in the mood for and what food will suit you best. If you’re questing for food freedom and total body confidence, this is a critical principle. You simply must let go of any prescriptive diet rules you've been following and learn to honor your body’s unique requests and desires. Nobody knows what's right for you except for you. You are your own best nutritionist. Live a life of freedom with food, respecting and nurturing your body through mindfulness practices.

Get Outside

Spending time outdoors, especially in wild places, is healing on every level. It mellows out the stuff that stresses you out. It increases your confidence and self-esteem. It promotes your adaptability and helps you overcome adversities. Perhaps most importantly, it reminds you that you are not alone—you are part of a bigger world, full of miracles and magic. So get out there. If hiking isn't your thing, choose another outside activity that you enjoy. By slowing down and literally smelling the flowers, you connect with nature and with yourself in a profound, transformative way. This connection does nothing but good things for your decision-making skills when it comes to food and self-care.

Be Radical

In a society that constantly tells us we aren't good enough, choosing self-love is hard. This third part of the Eat Hike Love philosophy asks you to turn away from the unrealistic expectations put on you by society, your family, or your friends (or by yourself, and sometimes these are the harshest expectations of all). It’s time to decide that feeling good about yourself is your biggest priority. It’s time to commit to radical self-love. This means rebelling against any and all thoughts, beliefs, or paradigms that don’t support you. Instead, become your own best friend and your own biggest fan. From this place of confidence and self-trust, feel-good food choices happen automatically.