Retreat FAQ

Answers to your questions about
Eat Hike Love Women’s Wilderness Retreats

So, Who comes on these retreats?

Women who love to hike, spend time outside, eat delicious food, and hang with each other!

So far, retreat attendees have ranged in age from 23 to 48. Some have kids, or pets, or partners, or houseplants…some don’t.

About half the women on Eat Hike Love retreats have never been backpacking before, and they glean all kinds of great tricks from the more experienced trekkers.

I’ve never been backpacking before. Is this really something a first-timer would be able to do?

Yes, definitely. In fact, these retreats are designed to be supportive and fun for first-time backpackers.
Just make sure these statements are true for you:

  • I love hiking.

  • I really want to try backpacking.

During the winter, there are other retreat options with comfy, warm overnight accommodations—no tent sleeping required.

Where do we go?

All Eat Hike Love retreats are based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Summer backpacking retreat locations are focused around the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,660-mile wilderness trail stretching from Mexico to Canada. Retreat destinations in 2019 are located in Oregon and Washington, showcasing some of the most beautiful sections of the national scenic trail. Groups meet in a small town near the trailhead, then the guides provide transportation to the trailhead itself.

Winter cabin retreats are located near national forests and wilderness areas, within 1-3 hours of either Portland or Seattle.

How long is the hike?
How difficult?

In short, 5-8 miles per day on trails rated as “moderate,” gaining 1,200-1,800 feet in elevation. Day hikes (without heavy packs) may be more difficult or more lengthy, while hikes with 30+ pound backpacks are moderate.

On average, we hike around 2 mph—a little slower on the uphill, a little quicker on the downhill.

What foods are included?

On this trip, all of your meals & snacks will be provided! Everything is gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, free of low-quality processed sugars or fats; almost all of it is organic; and it’s all lovingly prepared in the Eat Hike Love kitchen:

  • Friday snack

  • Friday dinner

  • Friday dessert

  • Saturday breakfast, including tea/coffee

  • Saturday am snack

  • Saturday lunch

  • Saturday pm snack

  • Saturday dinner

  • Saturday dessert

  • Sunday breakfast, including tea/coffee

  • Sunday snack

  • Sunday lunch

On backpacking retreats, Friday lunch is also included, freshly prepared and served during the orientation. Then, each hiker receives an airtight, odor-proof bag containing their food for the rest of the weekend.

Ok, but what foods are actually on the menu?

The menu changes seasonally, but take a look at these menus to get an idea:

I have food allergies.
Can you customize my food?

Yes, absolutely. With 30+ days notice, food allergy requests can be accommodated. With less than 30 days, we will do our absolute best but cannot guarantee that every menu item will be allergen-free. (All retreat foods are gluten-free, dairy-free, and 100% plant-based.)

With 30+ days notice, food preferences (i.e. “I don’t like mushrooms”) will be thoughtfully considered and we will do our best to accommodate requests.

What do I need to bring?

A detailed packing list is provided upon registration. You’ll need to provide your own:

  • clothing

  • toiletries

  • hiking accessories (ex: day pack, water bottle, trekking poles)

  • sleeping bag and pillow

Backpacking retreats also require the following:

  • 45-65 liter backpack**

  • tent**

  • sleeping pad

  • stove, bowl, mug, spork

**these items can be provided through Eat Hike Love with 30+ days notice

When and where can I reserve my spot?

Right here!

Or, fill out the form below to stay in the loop about upcoming retreat dates and Eat Hike Love announcements!