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I Have the Mountains to Thank

Five years after this picture was taken, I found myself at the top of those mountains on the horizon, exploring and researching the area for a guidebook I’d been hired to write. This time I was with the love of my life, someone whose kindness and consideration continue to humble me every day.

If the woman in this picture could meet the woman I am today, she would be so relieved. She would be proud. She would surely be incredulous.

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Be Your Own BFF

Sometimes people tell me they “motivate” themselves to do better by being really hard on themselves. They say it works. I tried it for years—it never worked for me. The way I see it now, I was in an abusive relationship with myself. When I finally reached my breaking point and decided to start treating myself like someone I loved, my entire life changed. Joy, trust, laughter, accomplishment, pleasure, and peace are what I now experience on the regular.

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This is Freedom

I didn’t set out seeking recovery. I simply wanted to feel better, to escape my own repetitive patterns, to explore the natural world, and to see things in a new way. I started spending time in the wilderness, and somewhere amongst the adventure and the challenge, the play and the exploration, recovery happened on its own.

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