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2018 Eat Hike Love Retreats

As we shared meals, snacks, stoves, tents, trails, trekking poles, and tarps, we also shared stories, support, and encouragement. I watched each of these women push their boundaries, discovering a perceived limit at some point during the weekend and deciding to break through it; all the while, the others around cheering them on.

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This is Freedom

I didn’t set out seeking recovery. I simply wanted to feel better, to escape my own repetitive patterns, to explore the natural world, and to see things in a new way. I started spending time in the wilderness, and somewhere amongst the adventure and the challenge, the play and the exploration, recovery happened on its own.

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Love in the Desert: My Grand Canyon Adventure

Something really cool happens when you spend time with people on a trip like this, immersed in the wild, with no bosses, or traffic jams, or bills to pay, or text messages with unwelcome news. There are no expectations for anyone to be anything but what they are. Soul shines through. Spirit shines through. We all wanted to be there, and we were stunned by the beauty of the place, humbled and joyful and incredibly present with one another.

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This is an invitation. To come outside with me. To leave the manufactured stresses and artificial pressures of city life behind, to find out who you really are and to feel the freedom of being yourself. Everyone’s wilderness experience is different, but I can promise you this:

You are enough. You are beautiful. You are worthy of love. 

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