I Do Not Agree

It still happens to me sometimes.

I see my body in a mirror, a window reflection, or a photograph, and a slew of mean thoughts tumbles into my brain: I’m not the right size, I’m not the right shape, I’m not the right texture.

These thoughts used to rule my world, seeping into my work life, my social life, and my love life. I let these thoughts control my entire existence because I believed them.

They still show up, but they can’t hurt me anymore. Why not? Because immediately, within seconds of the first mean thought, I start asking questions.

Hold up, who says? Who says my body doesn’t look right? Who says it’s not good enough? And why?

Is it the diet, fitness, or beauty industry, because the less I like my body, the more money I spend on their products?

Is it the patriarchy? Hmm, how convenient…if I’m busy obsessing about my appearance and trying to make myself small, I stay, well…small.

Is it that mean girl from middle school, trying to make me feel bad about myself because she’s a bully and it makes her feel better about herself? Wtf, why is she still lurking in my brain?

Do I agree to give these people or entities my time, energy, money, freedom, confidence, pleasure? My voice? My power?

I do not. I do not agree. I’ll keep all those things, thank you very much.

And then I move on with my day, confident and carefree.

Babes, if anyone or anything has a problem with your body, that problem belongs to them. Not to you. You get to choose your beliefs about your body. You get to be the gatekeeper when mean thoughts show up. You get to be part of the revolution and choose radical self-love in a society that’s built to keep you small. Join me in the resistance, won’t you?