Choose Kindness

Imagine how different our country would be if every woman woke up each morning, rolled out of bed, shuffled into the bathroom to pee, and upon catching a glimpse of her naked body in the mirror, smiled, winked, and thought to herself, “Awesome.” Imagine how different our communities would be if every woman, walking down the street on her way to work or lunch or an appointment, upon noticing her reflection in a storefront window, smiled and whispered to herself, “What a babe.” Imagine how different our relationships would be—and what kind of an impact you might have on the little girls, teens, and women around you—if every time you saw a picture of yourself, you smiled and described something beautiful about the image.

Imagine our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our girlfriends, our business partners, our colleagues, our teachers. Imagine what we could talk about if we weren’t talking about dieting. Imagine what else we’d have room for in our lives if we weren’t obsessed with our bodies being not good enough.

Every moment spent hating the way we look is a moment wasted, a moment that could be spent loving, helping, building, healing, teaching, connecting, exploring, learning, resting, growing, creating... Let’s change the inner monologue, and let’s change the dialogue with each other. Let’s choose kindness, for ourselves and for other women. Let’s decide that feeling good about our bodies is far more important and productive than the constant struggle to change or “fix” them. Let’s recognize that what we’re capable of increases exponentially when we love ourselves.

Let’s start right now. No more shaming. No more berating. Let’s choose kindness instead and see what happens.