A Nutritionist Who Gets It

The first time I met with a nutritionist, I was so excited. “Finally,” I thought. “I can get this food stuff figured out.” I was 17. By that time I had already been struggling with food anxiety and body shame for 2 years. I walked into the office and sat down across an enormous desk from a woman way older than my mom. She asked me very few questions, expressed very little emotion, and slid some papers across the desk: a few handouts about what to eat and a daily food diary worksheet for me to populate with details about exactly what I ate, when, and how much.

Deflated, I shuffled out of her office. This lady didn’t get it. Granted, I didn’t do a good job of explaining what I needed or wanted, but there was no way I was going to open up to this woman.

The second time I met with a nutritionist, I was so excited. “Finally,” I thought. “I can get this food stuff figured out.” I was 29, with a decade of binge drinking and intermittent appetite-suppressing antidepressant use under my belt. At the time I would’ve told you that I’d learned a lot about nutrition during my 20s, but really, I’d only learned about diets and weight loss. After chatting with the practitioner for a few minutes about my food struggles, I began to cry. She took my hand, squeezed it, looked into my eyes, and proceeded to tell me what to eat, when, and how much.

She didn’t get it either.

By the time I was 30, I was bitterly, hopelessly exhausted of the struggle with food and my body.

So I hiked the PCT, and then I became a nutritionist. I became the kind of nutritionist who gets it.

If you’re ready to get your food stuff figured out, finally…
If you know you can do it, you just need to work with a compassionate professional who gets it…
If you’re ready to say goodbye forever to restrictive, prescriptive diets…

…get ready to dive in. This summer, put your food-related anxieties to rest for good.

The Eat Hike Love 10-Week Intensive is a group coaching program to heal your relationship with food, deepen your connection with nature, and strengthen your relationship with your body. (No hiking required!)

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