2018 Eat Hike Love Retreats








This describes the righteous babes who joined me on Eat Hike Love Backpacking Retreats this year. As we shared meals, snacks, stoves, tents, trails, trekking poles, and tarps, we also shared stories, support, and encouragement. I watched each of these women push their boundaries, discovering a perceived limit at some point during the weekend and deciding to break through it; all the while, the others around cheering them on.

I saw confidence waver and then blossom. I witnessed a total change in perspective…

from resistance and uncertainty,

to total self-trust and enthusiasm.

Something really important happens when we spend time in the wilderness, especially with each other. A reminder of where we came from. A swift nudge back toward acceptance, freedom, and love. An embodiment of our oneness with all that is, and perhaps most importantly, a release of what we are not.

A return to nature.